What happens here is pretty special

maize - the first event
29 May 2018
“The rise of Artificial Intelligence” took place on May 14-15 in our campus with an exclusive group of decision makers who explored new innovation scenarios.
The biggest Italian consumer association relies on our Industry division for a planning project based on big data.
BigRock's new educational offer
6 August 2018
Our school of computer graphics and visual effects has improved and renewed its three Master's programs.
Our startup alumnus is taking part in an acceleration program by the largest accelerator in the world.
Travel Appeal, partial exit
16 May 2018
We sold 15% of our stake in Travel Appeal with a cash return of close to 12 times the initial investment.
ASLA Right to the Future
7 May 2018
Carlo Carraro, President of our Education division, takes part in Italy's first event dedicated to innovation in the legal field, organized by ASLA (Association of Associated Legal Studies).
Antlos merges with Sailogy
2 May 2018
Antlos, startup of our investments portfolio, has merged with Sailogy, the leading boat rental company.
Thank you
24 April 2018
In less than 4 days we have collected almost 10,000 signatures for H-CAMPUS and this has given us the comfort of not being alone in this complicated situation.