What happens here is pretty special

We are proud to be among the world's 400 most innovative schools!
After receiving €200K from two Chinese investors, the startup of our investment portfolio intends to raise another €250K to consolidate in the US market.
Audi WeGeneration
13 November 2018
Presented on the occasion of the Italian preview of the Audi A1 Sportback and Audi Q3 on our campus, it was announced a new program for the young talents of the future.
Peggy by Zooppa
7 November 2018
The creative platform, born in our campus in 2008, has launched a new women-lead initiative that aims to promote women in creative industries.
Partnership with Henkel
6 November 2018
Henkel X, the open innovation platform of Henkel, has chosen to connect with us as its open innovation partner, working together with our transformation experts and startup network going forward.
The new event format we launched with La Repubblica to explore to the relationship between technology and society.
We collaborate with Chivas for its global $1M competition to find social startups that blend profit and purpose.
From October 24 to 26 we hosted 50 thought leaders who are working to create a better future for Europe.