What happens here is pretty special

Brera Design Days 2018
1 October 2018
A team of our Innovation division will take part on October 12 with a talk dedicated to artificial intelligence and creativity.
Revenues have grown by over 33%.
Registrations open for Venet-Art
27 September 2018
A new training program to innovate the cultural and artistic sectors in the Veneto Region.
maize – the second event
25 September 2018
"Future Companies & Innovative Organizations" is the second event that will explore stories that center on the company cultures, mindsets and approaches needed to transform companies.
Update your competences with Reskill You
24 September 2018
Focus yourself in everything digital with our new series of short courses.
Sellf joins ForceManager
19 September 2018
Sellf, the startup born in 2013 in our campus and focused on mobile solutions for sales teams, integrated with the Spanish company ForceManager, one of the leading global mobile CRMs.
Biorfarm, partnership with Kellogg
13 September 2018
Biorfarm, startup of our investments portfolio, has launched a partnership with the leading brand of cereal.
We are sponsor of this competition for startups focused on smart energy and renewables innovation and technology.