What happens here is pretty special

From May 27 to 29, our Barcelona team will take part in this new international event about the future of retail.
It's continuing the project we launched with Audi Italia for the talents of the future. See you on May 24-26 in Milan for workshops, talks and the selection of the next edition.
An on the road, 6-episode comedy about the adventures of three strangers united by a common destiny, with the voices of Amalgama, Zelig's comic quartet.
On May 29-30 we will be in Milan for Italy’s leading event for e-commerce, digital retail and digital transformation enterprise.
Our AI society CELI took part in the first European project for natural disasters. On May 9-10, experts in extreme weather management will meet in Venice to introduce and employ the tools developed.
Robotics and Minecraft for kids 8 to 11 y.o.
The event format that we launched with La Repubblica continues: join us on Monday, May 13 in Milan.
18 April 2019
Join us on May 24-25 for the hackathon promoted by Fondazione ANIA and develop new ideas for the healthcare and wellbeing sectors. You can also participate in a special Hiring Day.