Travel Appeal closes a €720K round

Travel Appeal closes a €720K round

Travel Appeal closes a €720K round
17 March 2017
These new funds will be used to further enhance our startup's artificial intelligence system and internationalization process.

Travel Appeal, one of our startup alumni which monitors and analyzes online travel data in real time, has closed a funding round of 700.000 euros at a valuation of 6 million euros post money.

Three international entrepreneurs who operate in the travel industry led the round. These new funds will be used by Travel Appeal to further enhance its artificial intelligence system and push its internationalization process.

Travel Appeal, founded in January 2014, offers a software for independent travel facilities (hotels, apartments, b&bs, campings, restaurants, museums, etc.) and specific analysis solutions for groups, chains and destinations. It has also introduced a new product: an AI-powered virtual assistant which allows the company’s clients to enhance and simplify the one-to-one dialogue and engagement with guests and prospective travelers. The startup now has two offices – one here in H-FARM and one in Florence – and counts on a staff of over 20 people.

We entered Travel Appeal’s equity in 2014 with a pre-seed investment of 250.000 euros. Following this round, our stake in the startup’s capital is now 25%.