Peggy by Zooppa

Peggy by Zooppa

Peggy by Zooppa
7 November 2018
The creative platform, born in our campus in 2008, has launched a new women-lead initiative that aims to promote women in creative industries.

Zooppa, one of the world's leading creative platforms, has a community of over 60.000 filmmakers, the 30% of which that are women. Far more than just a statistic, the women of Zooppa deserve equal representation and job procurement within the creative industry.

Through their latest project Peggy, they aim to support female-focused initiatives by engaging Zooppa’s community of creative women. By forming partnerships with like minded individuals, organizations or companies, the goal is to provide more jobs for female creatives, produce creative content aimed at supporting women and support female-driven pursuits with their creative needs.

According to MTV, in 2015 almost 50% of the film and television programs at both USC and NYU – two of the best film schools in the United States – were women. And yet, only 18% of all the directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors, and cinematographers on 2017’s top 250 films were women.

Change starts small. It starts with each and every woman who has ever decided to stand up, to speak her truth, to defy expectations, and not to be afraid to ask for more. It is the sum of the millions of little actions by millions of incredible women, that when brought together, command the attention of the world.

The future of creativity is inclusive, so let’s start building it now.