New startup batch

New startup batch

New startup batch
9 June 2017
We have kicked off the latest edition of the Industry 4.0 Accelerator, in partnership with Cisco, and of the Marco Polo Accelerator, in partnership with QWOS.

For 4 months, the 11 startups selected will focus on boosting their growth while connecting with leading corporate partners, supported by our Accelerator Team and our valuable network of international mentors, entrepreneurs and business leaders. Meet the teams:

Industry 4.0 Accelerator in partnership with Cisco

  • EcoSteer has developed two vital software components for industrial scale, collaborative IoT projects: the EcoFeeder, an intelligent and secure IoT gateway for streaming device data into the cloud, and the EcoAggregator, an in-memory data aggregation tool to manage IoT Big Data streams.
  • GenLots is a platform which applies machine learning concepts to a very specific industrial problem: ​the computation of the optimal order size of supplies called lot sizing.
  • Holsys has developed olOne, an Artificial Intelligence software that interprets sensor data flows in real-time on any kind of device, allowing applications such as predictive maintenance.
  • TechMass has developed a digital platform to increase manufacturing productivity through machine learning. It visualizes and analyzes production losses, gives recommendation where to start and provide the line operators with the tools they need to perform the right actions.
  • ThinkIN is a solution for digitizing and monitoring industrial workflows in real-time. It makes a physical space smart, where movements of people and assets are analyzed, transformed into actionable KPIs and used to suggest interventions.

These teams will be supported by four industry partners: Zoppas Industries, Came, Nestlé and Cloud Italia, that will organize mentorship sessions and specific activities throughout the 4 months and will also evaluate possible business development and investment deals.

Marco Polo Accelerator in partnership with QWOS

  • Avanix has developed a system to monitor Alzheimer's patients, and an intelligent pacifier to monitor babies' breathing at all times. 
  • Cryptolab is a cryptographic and cyber-security company which main objective is to bring CSE (Cloud Searching Engine) to the market. These solutions provide secure data transactions and privacy that are cost-effective and easy to use.

  • Easy Rain aims to improve safety of any wheel vehicle, thanks to an intelligent system of jets of fluid capable of contrasting the aquaplaning phenomenon on any wheeled vehicle.

  • Pagita is a mobile platform that transforms the automatic vending market using digital technologies. Users can easily make purchases through their smartphone and vending operators can optimize their work, monitor sales and reduce operating costs.

  • Patamu generates a legally and internationally valid proof of authorship for any creative work, allowing to publish and share works safely. The protection is instantaneous and is carried out using both blockchain and timestamping technologies.

  • Teeser is a social network where users can challenge each other by customizing products that can be sold to the community. The customizing phase is realized through a simple and intuitive creative tool that allows every user to publish creations through their smartphones.