maize.PLUS, our e-learning platform dedicated to innovation

maize.PLUS, our e-learning platform dedicated to innovation

maize.PLUS, our e-learning platform dedicated to innovation
5 June 2019
Multi-lingual, intuitive and accessible from any device - maize.PLUS teaches digital transformation to over 50,000 employees from companies all over the world.

Human capital is the most important and necessary aspect of a company in remaining significant on the market today. The transformation of the global market and of the most in-demand skills are constants in the everyday life of organizations: dynamic and ever-evolving tools are needed to keep up with the pace of change.

maize.PLUS is our answer to the needs of large companies who are looking for effective solutions for the education and development of their employees. Based on the 2018 report, "The Future of Jobs" presented at the World Economic Forum, by 2020, roughly 54% of employees will need to retrain and refresh their skills and knowledge; among the various reasons that urge them to do so are the profound changes that the digital transformation is bringing to the job market. According to a study by the Technical University of Monaco, nine out of ten companies in the world do not yet have a concrete strategy for training and educating their employees, even when considering that the digital transformation is fundamental for their development plans.

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The maize.PLUS platform was created to respond to these needs: a powerful tool that interprets innovation as a cultural change and proposes it in a personalized way to each employee. The creation of a digital training platform for employees is the fruit of our decades-long experience collaborating with over 300 national and international brands.

Featuring a simple and attractive layout, maize.PLUS is comprised of three macro-areas that correspond to current challenges that every company must face in the digital transformation process: Human, Innovation and Culture. Each area is organized in thematic streams: from blockchain technology to the trends of Generation Z, the latest VR applications and cybersecurity. The content is presented in a simple and direct way to favor the diffusion of an innovative language and culture across the entire organization.

All of the content is “bite sized” - concise and effective. The average amount of time it takes to complete a course is never more than 20 minutes. Thus, learning takes place quickly and integrates organically with the personal and professional life of the user. In fact, since it can be accessed from so many different devices (computer, mobile phone, tablet ...), the platform can also be used "on the go", allowing users to take advantage of every useful moment to receive instant “pills” of knowledge in order to always be kept up to date.

maize.PLUS can be personalized: the client company who uses it as a training tool can request the integration of specific vertical information that is developed specifically for their needs; additionally, before using the actual courses, maize.PLUS proposes an initial assessment through a short reading, which allows the user to create a tailor-made path based on their level of knowledge.

It is already used by more than 50,000 employees all over the world: in addition to various Italian companies (including ours), the platform is used by global multinationals like Germany’s Henkel, who chose maize.PLUS to guide their employees in a global Digital Upskilling initiative, launched in Dusseldorf on June 4 with an event broadcasted internationally to all Henkel offices around the world.

In order to be a tool that can be used internationally, maize.PLUS is naturally multi-lingual: at the moment, all of the main European languages are available and will soon also include the major Asian languages.

The platform works to the benefit of both the individual employee and the entire business community by providing two types of dashboards: access for the single employee, in which they can keep track of their individual progress, and one that is utilized by the HR office, to monitor the status of a project (in compliance with the provisions of the GDPR). Finally, through maize.PLUS users can further expand their knowledge by accessing the content of maize, our journalistic publication, which is the result of the work of a collective of international voices that authoritatively explores the impact of the so-called "exponential technologies" on work processes, social relationships and thought structures.