- The rise of Artificial Intelligence - The rise of Artificial Intelligence - The rise of Artificial Intelligence
29 May 2018
“The rise of Artificial Intelligence” took place on May 14-15 in our campus with an exclusive group of decision makers who explored new innovation scenarios.
Following the launch of our digital magazine maize, we kicked off our first invite-only event. During these two days, the participants met tech gurus and thought leaders such as Robert C. Wolcott (Founder & Executive Director at Kellogg Innovation Network), Lars Schwabe (Associate Director at Lufthansa Industry Solutions), Bart de Witte (Chair Faculty of Digital Health at futur/io Institute), Reza Khorshidi (Chief Scientist at AIG), Scott David (Head of Information Interaction at World Economic Forum) and many more.
Why Artificial Intelligence as the main theme? From being a sci-fi staple, today AI is more powerful and accessible than ever. Impacting and revolutionizing business and every aspect of our personal lives, AI is the innovation to keep an eye on now. 
In an intimate and exclusive environment, the guests challenged their ideas, explored the future of technology, thought about culture and understood what is required to make a business successful in a competitive landscape, guided by tech gurus and international leaders.

Read here the key takeaways from the event. Some of them are:

  • cybersecurity: crimes get more innovative and creative every day. Cyberspace intrinsically favors hackers and hinders security people’s work, but AI can contribute to cybersecurity in fields such as anti-spam and phishing, automation, malware detection and many more.
  • human: human intuition, combined together with the precision and consistency of AI, help us solve complex issues, especially in the health and wellness field. The future of healthcare is not humans versus algorithms, but humans and algorithms against disease.
  • customer centricity: conversational interfaces improve the customer experience thanks to their ability to offer instant and effective digital solutions and simulate conversations with humans through Natural Language Processing.

Read all the takeaways here.