I-REACT, the first European app for natural disasters

I-REACT, the first European app for natural disasters

I-REACT, the first European app for natural disasters
15 October 2018
Our AI society CELI is one of the partners of this new European project that empowers citizens against floods, fires and extreme weather.

Just in 2017, disasters like floods, wildfires and earthquakes killed more than 9,000 people worldwide, affected 96 million, and caused €270 billion in losses – it is the second costliest year in disasters on record.

The research project I-REACT, funded by the European Commission, launched a free app that enables citizens to share pictures and other information on natural hazards and in turn provides essential information about the risks of suffering from these threats. The app – available on Google Play – aims to provide users with tools to build a society more resilient to disasters and was launched on October 13 with the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction.

By using the app, citizens can filter the relevant information and avoid the propagation of fake news. The same approach is applied to tweets: the app filter relevant tweets in real time, to offer the users only informative content related to emergency events happening in their surroundings. Also, the app features risk maps and includes a set of tips and quizzes on what to do in case of a flood, a wildfire or other extreme weather event.

Among the technologies developed by the project are a Big Data platform to predict better the occurrence of this type of events, wearables and smart glasses for first responders and a decision support system for emergency coordinators, that enables them to take the best decision possible considering all the information available. I-REACT is complementary to existing solutions and its implementation is highly modular so as to be easily integrated with current operational platforms. 

I-REACT is funded by the European Commission Horizon2020 program. It is coordinated by the Istituto Superiore Mario Boella of Turin, and implemented in Italy by various partners including our society CELI, Politecnico di Torino, CSI Piemonte, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, ARPA Piemonte and Civic Protection Department.