18 December 2017
On December 16, 2017 we hosted a hackathon focused on the development of a creative concept for the Veneto Region's booth at Vinitaly 2018.

More than 60 participants, divided in 16 groups, challenged themselves with a hackathon dedicated to the food&wine industry and worked non stop from 9.30am to 7pm.

The event brought together architects, designers, developers and marketers from all over Italy, plus the students of our Master in Digital Entrepreneurship and our Bachelor's Degree in Digital Management.

The participants were asked to develop a concept for the Veneto Region's booth, that will first be shown at Vinitaly 2018, to create new ways to attract and engage visitors and to plan a communication and storytelling strategy to promote the great gastronomic tradition of Veneto. The best project will be selected and awarded by the Region in the next weeks.

A special thank you to these food&wine Master's programs that helped us spread the word: