Generali Hackathon – Diversity & Inclusion

Generali Hackathon – Diversity & Inclusion

Generali Hackathon – Diversity & Inclusion
10 November 2017
Together with Generali Italia, we organize the first marathon of ideas in Italy dedicated to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Developing innovative and tangible ideas to spread the culture of inclusiveness, because all differences, starting from gender differences, are a valuable asset and a driving force for innovation. Generali Italia launched the Generali Hackathon – Diversity & Inclusion, the first marathon of ideas about diversity and inclusion, organized with us and promoted by Elle Active!.

The Generali Hackathon – Diversity & Inclusion awarded the best ideas, one for every challenge, based on their level of innovation, feasibility and effectiveness. The five winning projects were presented on Saturday, November 11 within the "ELLE ACTIVE! Attiva il Cambiamento" Forum promoted by Elle magazine.

Among the 120 participants were employees and collaborators of Generali Italia, Alleanza, Genertel and Genertellife and also of other important companies. They worked together and shared their perspectives on the 5 hackathon themes:

  • Engagement: motivating and engaging employees throughout their entire career;
  • HR Processes: managing the different phases of the employee experience, in order to select and promote people equally;
  • Mindset and Organization: fostering the development of inclusive organization models and a leadership style able to value differences and eliminate bias;
  • New ways of working: creating the conditions for everyone to better manage their activities, time and skills; 
  • Parenting: cultivating a culture of parenting as an aspect of life that benefit both employees and organizations.