Discover MATIS on September 22 in Florence

Discover MATIS on September 22 in Florence

Discover MATIS on September 22 in Florence
5 September 2017
A meeting to share ideas and discuss the future of the travel industry.

How is the hospitality industry changing? 
Digital transformation brings out new scenarios and business models that focus on the travelers’ experience in an increasingly sophisticated and personalized way.

On the occasion of the launch of our MasterLab in Travel Innovation Strategy, on September 22 in Florence we’ll host the event Discover MATIS. During the meeting we’ll analyze the best  practices from the hotel and tourism industries in terms of digital innovation. The event will be held in the terrace of the historic Plaza Hotel Lucchesi, charaterized by the breathtaking panoramic view of the Arno River.

Giancarlo Carniani (Founder and Scientific Director of BTO - BuyTourismOnline), Mirko Lalli (CEO of TravelAppeal and Scientific Director of MATIS) and Massimiliano Ventimiglia (CEO of H-FARM Education) will talk about the Supertraveller phenomenon: that is, how can new technologies shape the travelers’ experience through disintermediation and distribution strategies.

Discover MATIS is open to the players of the hotellerie and hospitality sectors; it will be an opportunity to learn the contents and the faculty of the MasterLab where professionals and experts can meet and discuss the crucial issues that will shape the future of the tourism sector.

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