Demo Night April 11, 2018

Demo Night April 11, 2018

Demo Night April 11, 2018
14 March 2018
The startups of the Generali Health&Welfare Accelerator and of the Blockchain Accelerator with Deutsche Bank will present their projects to an international audience of investors and partners.

On Wednesday, April 11 the 4 startups of the Health & Welfare Accelerator, supported by Generali Welion of Generali Italia, and the 5 startups of the Blockchain Accelerator in cooperation with Deutsche Bank will present their projects. During their 4-month acceleration programs in our campus, the teams have perfected their software and hardware solutions and are now ready to meet potential investors and companies.

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Here is a brief preview of the startups:

Health Accelerator

- knok brings fast and convenient medical care, everywhere, anytime. By combining technology & doctors, it delivers house and video calls on demand, addressing the needs of the entire population, especially elders and children.
- StayActive is a small device that helps people improve their posture through a slight vibration and a dedicated app.
- Holey is the first platform that allows medical facilities to fabricate custom made 3D printable orthopedic braces, ensuring a significant reduction of costs compared to commercial orthoses and reducing medical complication compared to traditional plaster casts.
- One Milo is a portable device that allows to perform blood, urine & saliva lab tests anytime anywhere with rapid results synced to your app.

Blockchain Accelerator

- AllBlock: its first commercial product, Verifyed, uses visual verification to extract and identify visual characteristics from documents and to produce a string of unique characters. By using a distributed ledger back-end, it establishes a permissioned shared directory and facilitates notarization.  
- Finboot uses smart contract technology to optimize standard contract operations between corporate parties or a corporate party and its clients. As a service, it is an aggregation platform to keep and manage smart contracts in one place. 
- LendFlo by using blockchain technology, it is able to improve the audit trail of invoice financing, reducing fraud, enabling instant settlement of funds using smart contracts, and creating a liquid secondary market for the buying and selling of funded invoices.  
- RigoBlock is a bBlockchain protocol that enables to create investment funds, customizable to fit the needs of asset managers and banks.  
- Satoshi Systems digitizes the commodity supply chain, commodity trading and commodity trade finance processes by practical use of emerging technlogies such as blockchain, IoT and Machine Learning.