Blockchain Business Solution Accelerator with Deutsche Bank

Blockchain Business Solution Accelerator with Deutsche Bank

Blockchain Business Solution Accelerator with Deutsche Bank
14 September 2017
The application process is now open to find the best 5 international startups with a blockchain based business solution.

Blockchain technology, the digital protocol that is considered to be highly disruptive due to its wide range of uses and applications, has already shown extraordinary potential in its capacity to reconfigure economic, political, humanitarian and legal aspects of society. The annual global turnover of blockchain technology will grow from 2.5 billion dollars in 2016 to 19.9 billion by 2025, according to a report from Tractica.

In partnership with Deutsche Bank, the Blockchain Business Solution Accelerator focuses on the "Blockchain 2.0", or rather, use cases that go beyond digital currency, and instead focus on the technological impact on the areas of trade, distribution management and logistics.

Blockchain is to be considered a new organizational model for research, evaluation and transfer of basically anything and is potentially applicable to the coordination of human activity on a scale larger than has ever been possible in the past. This technology is known for being tamper-proof, transparent, immutable, and assigns a specific date and time to actions. The true innovation of blockchain, however, is a new model of decentralized and trustless transactions (that do not require the control of a central authority but are, rather, validated by the platform itself).

Apply here if you have developed an innovative solution using blockchain technology in the fields of trade & payments, logistics & transportation, procurement & supply chain, cloud & IT or legal, with the goal of supporting sectors such as automotive, food & beverage, manufacturing, energy, finance and insurance. 

Each selected team will receive €20,000 in seed funding, with the possibility of receiving additional funding at the end of the program, in addition to access to hundreds of free or discounted services, which the partners will offer to the teams. Deutsche Bank, in particular, will support the selected startups with certain services, such as business strategies that will quickly consolidate their business models and will simplify their entrance into the market of their specific field.