Branding & storytelling
Transformation makes us rethink the way we communicate with and consider consumers, who become our audiences

In a context characterized by global reporting platforms and the involvement of the consumer in the processes to which he entrusts his choices, it is extremely important to be authentic and relevant.

Through SHADO, we work together with brands that create or evolve their identity by building ecosystems, not campaigns. Thus, interactive products, services, commerce and storytelling integrate into a modern media company approach.

We work on the creation of a relevant identity, on languages that can express themselves in every type of authentic relationship and on storylines for consumers and markets that have no boundaries.

We develop strategies based on measurable business goals and brand value expression: a mature model where original content and new interactive methods become the key to building valuable audiences and collecting valuable data.

We create branded content channels that can transform the communication of a brand into publishing, develop content-to-commerce models, enable new forms of monetization and communities for broadcasters and publishers.