Digital transformation is changing consumer behaviors and technology trends.


We help companies in the implementation of digital processes, by helping them understand future scenarios and to adopt the evolution they need to be competitive in a fast-changing markets. The heterogeneity of our team is one of our strengths: we come from experiences in different fields, where digital has always been the main driver. Today we integrate into one great team capable of guaranteeing our customers the best solutions.

We are pioneers, we are passionate with innovation, we study digital change and we love to explore new territories.    




  • FutureShots 2019
    FutureShots 2019
    20 September 2019 - H-FARM
    Our festival dedicated to innovation, in a vibrant and friendly mood. September 20-21, 2019
  • Shopify Meetup Milano
    Shopify Meetup Milano
    26 September 2019 - H-FARM Milan
    An evening for Shopify partners, merchants and ecommerce entrepreneurs to discuss and network.