human innovation culture
People's skills and mindsets are the heartbeat of every organization.

Our "human" projects are aimed at people and their continuous learning within a company. We aim to offer tools and experiences that are more and more able to bring value and grasp the full potential of digital transformation.

Our "innovation" projects are strongly inspired by the logic of design thinking and the methods of service design. We address business processes, internal and external processes. We help companies engage in a new organizational mindset and to identify tangible solutions for concrete problems.

The culture of a company enables and diffuses change: never as much as today do companies need to spread their internal messages in a coherent and widespread manner. Our "culture" projects focus on the spread of value campaigns on branding employees.

  • Skill assessment
    What are the indispensable skills for companies today? How can we engage people in mapping what they know and what they can, or rather, must improve?
    We offer skill measurement tools far beyond the usual quantitative surveys. We use narrative tools to create experiences where the user is at the center of a plot and at the same time performs an evaluation of hard and soft skills.
  • Experiential training
    Our frontal training experiences are practical learning paths for businesses.
    Bootcamps and workshops are alternated with lessons, experimental and practical activities as well as engaging lunches and dinners with special guests. Participants have the opportunity to get to know the latest content by living outside of their usual context.
  • Learning tools
    From entering the company to the advanced upgrade paths, people use knowledge management tools more or less advanced.
    We help companies design and develop internal platforms that put the users' experience and their training needs at the center.
  • Inspirations
    A propensity for knowledge and continuous advancement are the elements that best define the digital mindset. We have designed a platform dedicated to exploring the impact of technology on a variety of fields such as the business world, society, education, and our daily lives in general.
  • H-ACK
    A disruptive event that gives the company the chance to directly open up to innovation, presenting a strong message of change.
    H-ACK is a 24-hour marathon where developers, designers, and marketing specialists work together to find solutions to a company's brief: it is considered open when the event is sponsored by one or more companies from the same industry and seeks to find innovative solutions to the challenges of the market; it is internal when the event is dedicated to a selection of employees from a specific company (120-140 people) who transform into leaders of international innovation.
  • Garage
    A 2-day co-design workshop that allows companies to create effective digital solutions together.
    Sitting at the same table are those who present a brief (the company) and our mentors (designers, developers and digital project managers).
  • Prototyping programs
    An intensive prototyping program to test out an innovation project and bring its results to the company. A 3-week long experience in startup thinking and the possibility to access the skills and stories of people in our network.
  • Internal communication campaign
    We believe there is no such thing as involuntary learning. This is why we consider the internal communication divisions of companies as key outlets to support transformation.
    We offer companies unconventional internal communication campaigns that transfer values, mission, and goals in a fun way. We use alternate reality games and storytelling logic to treat employees as if they are the audience of an entertaining show.
  • Collaborative tools
    Innovation also means changing everyday practices such as sharing work materials, communicating, organizing information and priorities. We offer companies platforms for collaboration and inspiration that makes everyday work easier.