Digital marketing
We transform the promise of brands into tangible value and the strategies into concrete results for business.

We have an eclectic soul and love numbers as well as words. We work on every touch point of the digital customer experience, redefining the concept of audience with a data-driven approach. We study data with a scientific approach and work with passion to convert them into the most suitable messages to make digital communication relevant for our clients, along the whole customer journey, both in paid and owned channels.

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  • Brand & Performance Campaigns
    Our approach is based on Dynamic Planning: through the study of performance data, we progressively improve results by targeting optimization actions, channels, content and moments throughout the customer experience. We run multichannel campaigns using attribution models that help us assign each channel and format their real impact on performance within the classic funnel, formed of 4 phases: brand awareness > consideration > conversion > loyalty.

  • Marketing Automation
    We work on multichannel strategies integrating different marketing activities and managing the performance optimizations. Thanks to the marketing automation technology, we create campaigns that include touchpoint such as direct email marketing, SMS and social media, but that can also be integrated with data management platforms. For each marketing automation project we develop an ongoing process that works on all the different phases, from clusterization to message definition. We customize the strategy and the KPIs depending on each client's goals, databases and customer journey.
  • Audience Activation & DMP
    We measure the behavior of users, customers, and prospects. Data management platforms are at the heart of this process, because they allow us to connect a user profile with all the characteristics that describe it (i.e. most read topics, CRM internal data and external data such as socio demo and consumer habits). We transform information into data, delivering sharp precision in targeting medium campaigns, customizing navigation on owned properties and non-digital relationships, such as call centers or more traditional marketing activities.
  • Path to Conversion & Attribution Model
    Thanks to tools that help us with our owned analysis based on cloud and data mining algorithms, we collect and analyze the interactions we have established with customers and prospects. We analyze the behavior of users at every point of contact with digital communication and brand property in detail, to measure the effectiveness of each touch point in the conversion path. In this way we manage to attribute the right amount or value of generated sales and we can optimize investments basing our decision on real acquisition costs.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
    We optimize the conversion rate of a website or app through quantitative and qualitative analysis of user behavior. We are based on a data-driven model that lets us intercept the main obstacles to real-time conversion. Our method consists in two phase: firstly, we analyze the properties with specific tools (UX analytics, heatmaps...); secondly, we engage users through usability tests and online surveys.
  • Analytics & Big Data
    We study and interpret analytics to guide customers at all stages on redesigning their online presence, developing marketing strategies and measuring the results. We follow all the steps of the process, from setting up tracking tools, to producing analysis reports, to providing training on Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.
  • Inbound Marketing - SEO
    We optimize our customers' websites to increase their non-paid traffic, by improving the organic placement of keywords that are relevant to their business. We support clients throughout the technical implementation path and content optimization, based on users' information needs. We help our clients gain a full awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Content Marketing Engagement
    We identify the types of content that are relevant to our customers, we plan the content creation based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of the web searches most frequently made by users. We create valuable content and optimize it using SEO techniques and we define the most suitable activities to publish it on the web and social channels.
  • Social Media Engagement
    We create data driven social strategies tailored on what makes each business unique. We analyze the social presence of our customers and of their competitors and comparables: we define goals and publishing strategy, manage and moderate accounts and create reports. We also provide specific advice for targeted needs and training courses for professionals.