Business transformation

We act as guides and partners in helping companies rethink and renew the way they "usually do things". 

Disruptive growth in e-commerce, multi-channel communications, social media influence, mobile devices, process automation, and virtualization all have different impacts on the companies’ business and are fundamental in identifying solutions and growth strategies.
The challenge lies in business models, customer experience, technologies and platforms that represent the future of transformation: on these fronts we can offer specific expertise and end-to-end solutions.

  • Customer Experience Management
    We study the experiences that companies deliver to their customers and define a transformation plan based on digital technologies.
    We analyze and highlight the best practices in customer experience management and help companies identify the best application modes.
    We create new models of interaction between companies and customers through both digital and physical experiences.
  • New Business Modelling & Planning
    We support our customers in the delicate phase of moving from vision to business plan, helping them to size the market, identify competitive positioning, and model and quantify revenues, providing cost and investment related. The objective is to verify the economic viability of a change plan, quantifying its risk margins and targets to be achieved.
  • Digital Commerce
    We design e-commerce B2C initiatives with a strong orientation towards multi-channels and integration between online and offline logic.
    We create and develop a marketplace to expand customer markets and supply to entire economic sectors.
    We apply digital technologies to physical locations to make memorable purchasing experiences in retail channel networks.
  • Industry 4.0
    By working closely with the most technologically-advanced companies in Italy and abroad, we look for and present our customers with frontier technologies for the simplification, automation and transformation of processes or key products for the company.