Artificial Intelligence
We are ArtificiaI IntelligenceĀ Made in Italy, widely recognized for our quick understanding of requirements and attention to detail.

We provide solutions to companies that need to innovate and simplify their processes. We actively participate in the Artificial Intelligence Revolution because we believe in the growth opportunities related to these technologies and their usefulness for people.

  • Human-Machine Interaction
    Within the interaction between people and machines, human language is the ultimate interface. Conversational interfaces, or chatbots, open new scenarios making technology more human. We enhance Sophia Chatbot solution by choosing the most suitable solution for each industry.
  • Natural Language Processing
    We develop software and provide Natural Language Processing consulting services for over 15 languages. Through Sophia Analytics platform, extracting information from texts has never been easier. The semantic search engine Sophia Search simplifies search and improves user experience. Text-O-Phone is the easy-to-integrate multilingual software component for Text-to-Speech systems.
  • Machine Learning
    We develop and apply the best Machine Learning technologies for Natural Language Understanding, speech, image recognition, and data science. Reliability, precision and ease of integration are our Machine Learning solutionsā€™ best features. We apply Deep Learning and other widely recognized technologies to several tasks and applications, including automatic classification, clustering, sentiment analysis, information extraction, and predictive analysis.