Kinnernet Venice is the Italian edition of Kinnernet, a unique 3-day event by invitation only created in 2003 by Yossi Vardi, one of the leading Israeli innovators.

Today, Kinnernet attracts the most renowned entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and technology experts of the world. In the 2017 edition that we hosted, 250 guests from all over the world participated. The speakers included Jens Riegelsberger (UX Director at Google), David Hanson (founder at Hanson Robotics), Renaud Visage (Co-Founder at Eventbrite), ‎Carole Zibi (Content/Marketing Director at LinkedIn), James Fallon (neuroscientist and emeritus professor of anatomy and neurobiology), William Tunstall-Pedoe (inventor of Amazon's Alexa), Barak Berkowitz (Director Operations and Strategy at MIT Media Lab) and Travis LeBlanc (U.S. Department of Justice’'s attorney under the Obama Administration).

Kinnernet is structured as an "(un)conference”, an event format where all the participants give their contribution, by collaborating in the different sessions planned, encouraging discussion, interaction and creativity among the attendees. What makes this format unique is its spontaneous and open approach to innovation, that allows to analyze different subjects from multiple angles (technology, music, science, art). Guests are involved in interactive lectures and workshops and also take part in off-site activities to discover our territory and traditions.

It’s an exclusive opportunity to share culture and awareness about innovation, where Italian companies can experience how much this type of approach, that is at the core of our work, could be functional for their growth.
Maurizio Rossi
H-FARM Co-Founder
Kinnernet Venice 2017

Kinnernet Venice 2017

A unique 3-day (un)conference with the most renowned entrepreneurs, scientists and technology experts of the world.


3 August 2017 - 6 August 2017


Via Sile 41, Roncade (TV)