Industry 4.0 Accelerator Demo Night

Industry 4.0 Accelerator Demo Night

Industry 4.0 Accelerator Demo Night

These are the 5 startups from the Industry 4.0 Accelerator in partnership with Cisco that you will meet on October 5:

  • EcoSteer has developed an IoT software component that eliminates data silos, transforming industrial devices into data streams that are immediately accessible by any business application. This enables companies to use the same real time device data for different objectives, such as predictive maintenance, health & safety compliance and energy & water efficiency management.

  • GenLots brings machine learning to the supply chain and unlocks untapped savings: the software allows optimization and lower purchasing costs, which account for between 30% and 70% of the revenues of industrial companies.

  • Holsys brings Artificial Intelligence directly on-board any kind of device, allowing product improvements such as anomaly detection and predictive maintenance.

  • TechMass implements lean manufacturing principles through a digital platform that facilitates the line operator in monitoring and improving the efficiency of manufacturing production lines.

  • ThinkINside is a digital platform that monitors real-time asset shifts within a production plant or a store, allowing manufacturing, logistic or retail companies to optimize their processes and resources.

Stefano Firpo, General Director for Industrial Policy, Competitiveness and SME for the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, will join us and provide an overview of the the huge opportunities offered by industry 4.0 in Italy.
Industry 4.0 Accelerator Demo Night


5 October 2017 - From 17:30 until 21:30


Via Sile 41, Roncade (TV)