Technological innovation is profoundly changing the insurance industry. The traditional prevention function of insurance companies is turning into a "lifestyle coach" model, which encourages users towards healthier and more conscious habits and offers highly customized solutions.

Insurance is no longer just a tool connected to tangible assets, but is also a way to protect people's immaterial needs. How can technology protect one's health, family and living standards? What innovative services can be developed to benefit both insureds and insurers? How to use big data to understand customers' needs and understand the evolution of risk?

Join us on April 6-7 for an hackathon promoted by Fondazione ANIA, an Italian non-profit organization formed of insurance companies that has the goal of promoting road safety and the protection of families and enterprises.

Throughout the event you can also participate in a special Hiring Day with Fondazione ANIA, some of the most important insurance companies and other leading companies in the field of technological innovation. The two best projects will receive a prize of €2,000 each and the opportunity to be developed and to take part in internships within the participant companies.

The event is free and held in Italian.

There is a free shuttle service from/to Milan:
- departure from Milan (Stazione Centrale - at the side of the Hotel Gallia) – April 6, 6.45am
- departure from H-FARM – April 7, 2.30pm

and from Mestre
- departure from the Mestre Railway Station (Pullman parking) on April 6 at 10am - 10.30am - 11am


Reserve your seat by writing to hack@h-farm.com



6 April 2018 - 7 April 2018


Via Sile 41, Roncade (TV)