The Economic Revolution 0.0

The Economic Revolution 0.0

The Economic Revolution 0.0
The public lectures of the H for Human Foundation focused on social and cultural innovation issues are coming back.
On November 15th, we will host in H-FARM, Oscar Di Montigny, Director of Innovation Sustainability & Value Strategy of Banca Mediolanum and author of the book "The Time of the New Heroes".

In our time, centuries-old certainties and convictions are falling to pieces. We’ve entered the Relationship Era and the digital convergence between technology and human relationships is bringing forward the genes of an explosive innovation. Now, the challenge that all companies have to face is mostly a cultural one: those that will succeed in focusing on mankind and in reinventing themselves as an ecosystem founded on sharing a system of values will come out on top. The purpose of Di Montigny is to participate to the overall evolution, moved by the idea that an Act of Love is the economic act par excellence

These are the main themes of the public lecture of Oscar Di Montigny, which has the title of “Business and management together with art, philosophy and science: the revolution of 0.0 Economy".

Keynote speaker with a strong motivational impact, Di Montigny is often invited to national and international forums and events. His is a contribution to helping young generations and companies face the upcoming challenges of the future and to reflect on the principles of 0.0 Economy and on the new frontiers of marketing.

Join us on November 15th from 4.30pm, the event is free but reservation is required.

The Economic Revolution 0.0


15 November 2018 - From 16:30 until 18:30


Via Sile 41, 31056 Roncade (TV)