Web & Social Journalism Ylab Summer Program
A Summer Program which, thanks to the partnership with Y Media Analytica, gives all students aged 16 to 22 the opportunity to acquire the skills of online journalism and social media.
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Textile and Fashion Innovation Summer Program
A Program in collaboration with Galina Mihaleva, Tenured Associate Professor and Director of the LOOM Lab at the NTU Singapore School of Art, Design and Media, focused on technology, creativity and Innovation for fashion and textile industry in Italy and Europe.
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Digital Product Design and Management Certificate Program
In partnership with Fashion Institute of Technology - New York. This program is designed for students who want to acquire knowledge of digital marketing strategies and interaction design.
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Innovative Brand Museums Summer Program
A Summer Program to comprehend the strategies and the challenges beyond the Institutions, and how digital technologies can be integrated in the traditional museums.
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Italian Cultural and Entrepreneurship Summer Journey
A 10-day program led by professors and mentors providing a complete journey through Italian arts and history matched with our unparalleled digital and technological know-how.
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1- week Digital Entrepreneurship Summer Program
1-week to discover Italian Excellence, Digital Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation. An intensive course for international students who want to live a totalizing experience in Italy and acquire a Digital Transformation know-how.
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2- week Digital Entrepreneurship Summer Program
This journey into Italy’s longstanding maker culture is designed for the citizens of tomorrow. Through lessons and workshops students will explore innovation topics and learn from Italian leading professionals.
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Personal Entrepreneurship Summer Bootcamp
Designed in partnership with the Shenkar College of Tel-Aviv, this three-day bootcamp is designed for global innovators, entrepreneurs, students or company people, who want to develop their own potential, immersed in the innovative ecosystem of H-FARM.
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