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Summer Camps

Laboratories for children and teens, from June to September.

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Digital Saturdays

Five engaging Saturday sessions for kids and teens aged 8 to 14, exploring everything from game design to robotics.

Kids Experience

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1-7 anni 8-11anni academy

Discover your favorite camps and start the fun!

Digital laboratories designed for children, that allow them to never stop learning and to freely express their creativity.

Our approach is centered around the method, the environment and the technology that we use.


    During our Labs & Camps, we imagine, design and create, take our time to experiment, fail and then try again, work together, We are inspired by the challenges set.


    In our Labs & Camps, we play and create with passionate and skilled Digital Educators, active and creative Campers, spaces designed to adapt to the participants' creativity, unplugged activities.


    We choose technology which allows students to get started, create increasingly sophisticated projects, and reach the same goal through multiple pathways. It also provides immediate feedback.