We aim to allow boys and girls to guide their own growth by helping them to develop critical thinking skills and connections through an active and creative approach to the digital and technological world.

Digital Summer Camp

Our projects are characterized by the method that we apply, the environment in which we create them and the technology that we use. These three ingredients mixed together allow boys and girls to actively and creatively approach the digital and technological world, thus guiding their own growth and developing their critical and relational abilities.

STEM Night

Workshops exploring unplugged robotics, Cubetto and Bee Bots during the STEM Night at H-International School.

Europe code week

Mini tech labs during Europe Code week using Scratch, mBot, mBot, Minecraft, Tinkercad, Computer Science Unplugged, LittleBits.

Roncade Learning 2015/16

Three coding and robotics laboratories for the Roncade Middle School.

Digital Entrepreneurship Workshop

Workshops at the high school-level on the topic of digital entrepreneurship at the Job&Orienta 2016 fair.

Digital Education Immersive Lab

Three days of immersive education co-designed by the teachers of H-International School

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