Master in Travel Innovation Strategy

Master in Travel Innovation Strategy

Master in Travel Innovation Strategy
30 June 2017
Designing experiences for the new traveller.

The world of hospitality is changing rapidly: new travellers, increasingly digital behaviors and business model disruptions are challenging companies to solve complex problems in order to innovate and succeed.

The collaborative services of sharing economics, assisted and supported by the digital revolution, today contribute to place people - the users - at the heart of any experience, including travel, whether it is a vacation or a job commitment.
How to adapt to this change while maintaining its competitiveness and identity within a constantly evolving market?

H-FARM Education, in collaboration with Travel Appeal, has designed a master dedicated to  the experts of hospitality sector: directors, general managers, sales and marketing managers, consultants and other professionals involved in hotel, camping and vacation rentals worlds, facing the challenges of this market.
MATIS was born to accompany these figures in digital transformation and to enhance the quality and competitiveness of the service offered.

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