The IoT Accelerator has started

Augmented reality solutions for industrial facilities, smartphone-controlled locks, applications that help farmers minimize water waste: these are just some of the ideas selected for our first Internet of Things Accelerator, that we launched with Deutsche Bank a couple of months ago to scout and invest on IoT startups.

According to Gartner’s latest studies, there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020 and the growth rate is so quick that we already have 5.5 million connected objects today. Among the 150 applications from 30 Countries that we received, we choose 5 startups that already launched their projects on the market and that are now trying to grow more, supported by industry partners such as IBM, ENEL, STMicroelectronics, MeterLinq and SigFox. At the end of the program, Deutsche Bank will present the teams to its network of clients and potential investors. Here are the selected startups:

  • Sensefinity (Portugal) developed Sensorice, a hardware kit to supervise temperature, moisture and shock information aimed at becoming the “Salesforce” for the refrigerated goods logistics. Sensefinity has already sold more than 55.000 sensors;
  • Agroop (Portugal) developed a multi-device farm management platform that allows users to calculate intuitively and assertively the cost of production by integrating with sensors that monitor and optimize the water needs of crops. It has more than 500 users in Portugal and is now looking for new partners, clients and investors in Italy;
  • Glartek (Portugal) is a technology-enabled services company focused on Industrial IoT and augmented reality solutions for smart buildings and industrial facilities. It is now working on 3 pilot projects, including one with Centro Cultural de Belém;
  • Zenodys (Slovenia) helps companies implement IoT solutions without having any programming knowledge. Festo, Alliander and the City of Amsterdam are among its clients;
  • LEAPIN Digital Keys (Australia-UK) offers smart lock solutions including a Software Development Kit, and Application Programming Interfaces that benefits manufacturers through reduced costs and minimal infrastructure changes and provides greater sales opportunities. It has already sold 3.000 kits.