Scholarships allowing access to scholastic programs, research projects dedicated to digital and technological innovations in pedagogy, free training for docents and public schools, internship and placement opportunities for students, the creation of structures dedicated to education and cultural events open to all. These are just some of the activities planned by our new H FOR HUMAN Foundation, created with the purpose of becoming the connector between education, technology and culture.

The main goals of the Foundation also include the creation of a solid and long-lasting network between institutions in the educational sector through partnerships with universities, associations, local authorities, non-governmental organizations, as well as corporate entities. The H for Human Foundation, in fact, aims to act as an important partner for local businesses by establishing direct agreements to provide educational courses to employees (and their children) of partner companies.

The Foundation also plays a key role in guiding students during key stages of their educational path through our H-FARM Education division, specifically through placement opportunities and internships, in the choice of their preferred course of study, in improving study conditions, and in their entrance into the professional world.