We are convinced that the world of education is radically changing and that it is necessary to motivate young people to be competitive and able to respond to the new challenges that are being highlighted by digital transformation.

H for Human is the Foundation founded with the aim of fostering access to knowledge through the provision of scholarships to facilitate access to educational paths, research projects on digital and technological innovations in teaching, free training for teachers and public schools;  it also undertakes to propose cultural events, workshops and comparison between young people and the business world.

We are committed to accompanying students at the crucial stages of the training course taken by our Education division, choosing the course to be undertaken, improving study conditions, placement and internship activities and finally at the time of entry into the world of work.

Another task of the Foundation is to establish a solid and lasting collaboration with training institutions through agreements with universities, associations, local institutions, non-governmental organizations and businesses. The aim is to act as a qualified interlocutor for businesses by setting up conventions to encourage education pathways for employees of partner companies and their children.


We support students at all stages of their growth path

We support access to educational paths by encouraging 
young people to pursue their passions
  • scholastic programs

    We support families to choose the most appropriate course of study for their kids

  • internship and placement

    We promote dialogue between students and businesses to facilitate the entry into the world of work.