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Food and beverage
  • Restaurants

    coming soon

    A wide range of restaurants and cafeterias are freely accessible to students and staff.

  • «La serra»

    It is our restaurant, accessible to the staff and guests.

  • Le Cementine

    It's the first restaurant of H-FARM open to the public.

clean linens
cleaning services
free wi-fi
  • shuttle service

    coming soon

    New public transportation routes are in full operation and 20 private shuttle buses are available.

  • public transportation

    coming soon

    In addition to the restyling of the road network, the planned actions include the enhancement of public transport with new bus lines, also for use by the community.

  • by bike

    coming soon

    Sustainability is at the core of H-FARM: more than 100 bikes are at everyone's disposal.

  • next to venice

    We are connected in mere minutes with the historical center of Venice, a major international airport, as well as one of Italy’s major train hubs.

  • sport structures

    coming soon

    We are active supporters of student sport and offer a good range of high quality sports facilities.

  • by bike

    coming soon

    Sustainability is at the core of the future H-CAMPUS: more than 300 bikes and e-bikes are at everyone's disposal.

Ideas need a lot of space.
Our campus count more than 51 ha
where cultivate and grow a network
of young talents.