From June to September, eleven weeks to experiment with technology and digital, having fun.

Digital Summer Camp
Every weeks we will hold different digital labs for children aged 5 to 18. Minecraft, robotics, digital fabrication, videogames, Scratch, visual storytelling, graphic and web design, are just some of the themes we will propose.
And for those who want a 360° experience in Ca' Tron we offer different options of accomodation.

our themes


Learn how to program to develop important new skills for your future and finally express your creativity with your computer.

digital making

Give life to incredible inventions in electronics, programming and creativity. The only limit is your imagination!

digital media

Graphics, video, photos! Between journalism and storytelling, in these laboratories the world of stories meets the digital media world.


From the story and the characters, up to programming, it becomes the true protagonist of your time with a mouse and keyboard!


Engineering, design, programming are just some of the skills that you will learn to build a robot and program the artificial intelligence.