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  • Executive masters
    Digital Innovation Executive MasterLab
    Harness the power of technology to develop new solutions and lead the change.
    25 - 50 years
  • Labs & Camps
    Digital Saturdays
    Five Saturday sessions, exploring everything from game design to digital storytelling.
    9 - 14 years
  • Labs & Camps
    Digital Summer Camp
    11 weeks of digital wonder and learning, for students aged 5 to 18.
    5 - 18 years
  • IB - Diploma Programme
    Obtain a diploma recognised in Italy and abroad, with the IB Diploma Programme.
    15 - 17 years
  • Masters
    Master in Digital Entrepreneurship
    Acquire the tools to plan, develop and launch your digital business.
    25 - 35 years
  • Executive Masters
    MasterLab in Travel Innovation Strategy
    Reshape the world of travel, designing new experiences for the connected era.
    27 - 40 years
  • Middle Years Programme
    The prestige of the Italian public curriculum + IBO’s approach and philosophy
    10 - 14 years
  • Primary Years Programme
    An international educational path, from kindergarten to elementary school.
    3 - 10 years
  • Bachelor's programme
    Laurea Triennale
    Learn to disrupt. Master the skills required by tomorrow’s job marketplace.
    18 - 24 years
  • Masters
    Master in Interaction Design
    Develop pioneering interactive experiences, using the latest tools and technologies.
    20 - 100 years



  • Digital Summer Camp: open doors afternoon
    Digital Summer Camp: open doors afternoon
    31 May 2017 - H-FARM Education
    An afternoon to discover our digital laboratories for kids and teens.
  • TECH IT EASY - Food
    TECH IT EASY - Food
    15 June 2017 - H-FARM
    An evening to explore the food industry, in partnership with LCA Studio Legale.