We are set up in a historic farm estate overlooking the Venice lagoon. We have always had an eye on developments outside Italy, and have used the global markets as a benchmark for validating and measuring the success of our model.


We facilitate the creation of projects that simplify the use of digital tools and services for people and companies, and provide support to companies in the digitalization of their operations.


We have grown and developed our global presence over the years, whilst maintaining solid links with the original territory where our headquarters are located, the heart of the vital ecosystem.

Over 550 young people work on the various companies set in the green landscape of Ca’ Tron farm. They enjoy its welcoming atmosphere, which facilitates the exchange of knowledge and ideas.


The H in our name stands for Human, which underlines our objective of developing initiatives that make operations simpler. The concept also extends to the people working on the project.


We grew up in a place where the land and the water meet and merge, where the horizon seems to stretch as far as the eye can see. These enormous skies are where our dream began. This is where we spend our lives and see the many changes young people are making to our world. They are our future, the new generation of entrepreneurs who will bring new value to our companies.

In the heart of this territory, we are working hard to achieve our most ambitious project to date – to create an enterprise innovation Village. The new enterprises that will be set up and develop here will have the task of interacting with traditional companies, guiding them and helping them become open to innovation and to the vast opportunities that digitalization represents.

In the last eleven years, large numbers of us have worked on this great dream. We chose to stay here, knowing that the road ahead would be long and arduous. We felt we owed this choice to the generations that came before us, and left us this wonderful heritage for us to recreate. We also felt a sense of great responsibility towards future generations. It is to them that we owe our duty to do our best.

Great things can be achieved through dreams, and we have never let go of our dream.
Together we can achieve great things.



Beautiful Minds

The number of people who work here with passion and energy.


Million Euros

The total amount invested over the last 11 years.



Innovative small enterprises in which we have believed and invested.



The number of buildings constructed at Ca' Tron.



Here inventions become innovations, ideas become products and people become entrepreneurs.